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Karcher 9M Replacement High Pressure Hose

To suit Karcher K2 to K7 Range where Hose to Gun is held with a C-Clip Only

Karcher 9M Replacement High Pressure Hose
Brand: Karcher
Product Code: SKU7343059
Availability: Out Of Stock
Price: 12,300,000,000.00€
Ex Tax: 10,000,000,000.00€
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THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE - It has been replaced by a hose and gun kit see related products

By Category Hoses
By Brand Karcher, Powercraft, Workzone
Hose Type
By Pressure Rating 160 BAR
Hose Type Replacement
Length 09 Meters
Model Range
By Model Number G 4.10 M, G 7.10 M, K 3 Classic, K 3.140 (127V), K 3.140 (220V), K 3.150, K 3.160, K 3.190, K 3.20 M, K 3.450, K 3.490, K 3.65, K 3.65 MD Plus, K 3.66 MD PLUS, K 3.68 MD, K 3.68 MD PLUS, K 3.68M, K 3.75 MD, K 3.77 ML, K 3.78M, K 3.79M-PLUS, K 3.80 MD, K 3.81M, K 3.81M PLUS, K 3.85M, K 3.86, K 3.86M, K 3.86M PLUS, K 3.86MD, K 3.900M, K 3.91, K 3.92M, K 3.960 M PLUS, K 3.96M, K 3.96M-PLUS, K 3.97 M, K 3.97M-PLUS, K 3.98 M, K 3.98M-Plus, K 3.99 M, K 3.99 M Plus, K 3.99 MD Plus, K 4.20 M PLUS K 4.450, K 4.80 MD, K 4.84 MD PLUS, K 4.86, K 4.86 M Plus, K 4.86M, K 4.88M, K 4.900M, K 4.91M, K 4.91MD PLUS, K 4.91MD, K 4.92M PLUS, K 4.93 MD, K 4.95M, K 4.960 M, K 4.97M, K 4.98M, K 4.99 Deluxe, K 4.99 M Plus, K 4.99M, K 5.04M-PLUS, K 5.490, K 5.68MD, K 5.68MD PLUS, K 5.70 MD, K 5.80M PLUS, K 5.91MD PLUS, K 5.91MD, K 6.75 Plus, K 6.80 M, K 6.85 M, K 6.90 MD, K 6.91 MD, K 6.91 MD PLUS, K 7.20 MX, K 7.80 M Plus, K 7.80 MD Plus, K 7.85M, K 7.91 MD, K 7.960 M PLUS, K B3.99 M-PLUS, KB 4.99 M, KB 4040, KB 5050 WB, KB 9030
By Product Range K2, K3, K4, K5, K6, K7
By Quality General Use

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